A unique terroir

Located in the Côte de Brouilly AOC, one of the 10 Beaujolais crus, Domaine Dupré Goujon is rich in exceptional soil. In the heart of the Unesco World Geopark, our plots of land nestled on the southern and eastern slopes of Mont Brouilly (
) benefit from an optimal exposure. With a breathtaking view of the valley and the Mont Blanc depending on the weather, this cradle of biodiversity produces wines with a marked identity.

A vocation

After studying oenology and an apprenticeship with great winemakers (Domaine de Montcalmès
and l'Oratoire Saint-Martin), our association was an obvious choice. Going far away to come back better, in
our native Beaujolais where everything made sense.
Friends in life since school until now, we have acquired the gestures and the tools.


Certified organic, we work in biodynamic and particularly in agroecology. Between tradition and renewal, we make our wines with passion.
Our credo: to make good, to make beautiful naturally.
Our signature: the combination of our skills in the vineyard and in the cellar.


Sowing, planting, putting nature first and the soil in the foreground to encourage biodiversity in our vineyards. Because we attach great importance to the earth from which our roots draw life.

Plots with character

L'Héronde, les Brûhliés and le Pavé: these are the names of our three terroirs. We vinify separately the juices
from each plot, to understand their identity. Selected, tasted and blended, the
vintages are patiently aged.

Time is a precious ally

Our will: to give time, not to rush and to preserve.
At the end of the summer, the harvest arrives. We look for the best maturity to harvest the grapes. Our objective is to gently work on the finesse of the tannins, through long macerations. The nectar goes through a number of precious stages to reveal its full potential: maturation in demi-muids or in barrels, blending and rigorous observation, and finally, several months of incubation in vats.


Discover our wines


Discover our range of 6 unique and representative vintages of Beaujolais and Côte de Brouilly.

Our news


Biodiversity Marathon: I will plant hedges!

Biodiversity Marathon: I will plant hedges!

The Domaine Dupré Goujon is taking part in the biodiversity marathon, along with other players from the Saône-Beaujolais communes, with the aim of recreating 42km of hedges and 42 ponds. Indeed, the presence of trees in the plots of land allows for the natural cooling of the vines....

Sébastien shares our plans for agroforestry

Sébastien shares our plans for agroforestry

As a complement to our agroecological approach, we are committed to developing agroforestry at Domaine Dupré Goujon, in Saint-Lager. This article from La Vigne, a wine magazine, highlights the actions taken by our community to "beautify the environment".

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