The winegrowers


Sébastien Dupré & Guillaume Goujon


Sébastien Dupré: el Maestro with a tender heart

With his devastating smile and his good humour, the bees and grasshoppers make a hurry for him.
Cooked, raw or dry sausage, he's a local guy, with a sprig of flower in his mouth.
He has a fine patience and a heart as big as a watermelon, to follow him, buy yourself some good trainers.
He's got a round calf and is fully motivated,
Nothing is greater than his passion.
Whether they crawl, fly or do good, all that lives is his purr.
Reach out, to see tomorrow, make the soil of the beautiful and good.
He is our AgroEcolo expert, no information escapes him.
A step ahead of every dance, that's his talent and our valve.
Dupré by name,
Sébastien vigneron du ch'veu au talon,
Seb du pré lives up to his name.
📸 @o.l.o.u.f
Text @elodiejourdan_art_illustration

Guillaume Goujon: the captain of the Barrique

Fallen into the pot when he was little, this Gallic handles the barrel like an ace.
Dedieu pushes you from the front, if he passes it breaks and you die.
The rebellious wick and the blue eyes, this hybrid Hulk is a skyscraper.
It must be said that in his tannic blood, there is some Bolshevik polak.
With a long stride and a lot of ideas, hold on tight and take notes.
Vats and casks hold no secrets for him.
Vinifying, blending, boiling, it's subtle but it's square.
With him, the wine is pampered, with music and always with a good atmosphere.
He is our winemaker of the vega, nothing stops him, life is a party.
Notta Bene: Don't be fooled by his generosity, or you'll be walking home!
As you can see, this balancing act is a molotov cocktail. We are still looking for the off button, but this Beaujolais has all the makings of a MOF.
Because under his cheerful airs, patience, rigour and devotion are hidden.
His nose and his creativity are his own talent and his pep: our energy.
Guillaume, winemaker in the cellar like a fish in water.
Guigui l'goujon is aptly named.

📸 @o.l.o.u.f
Text @elodiejourdan_art_illustration