Our beliefs

We believe in the ability of alternative production methods to provide sustainable solutions to contemporary environmental challenges.

In addition to our organic and biodynamic certification (in progress), we work our soils in agroecology, a method of cultivation that promotes soil regeneration, the production of biodiversity and the self-regulation of natural ecosystems.

It's about understanding our soils and having a positive impact on them; they give us back! Certified organic, we do not use any phytosanitary products (fungicides, herbicides, etc.), so as to favour the well-being of the soil, the consumers and ourselves, the wine growers.

By increasing the resilience of the vine and its ecosystem over the long term, agroecology minimises the risks of disease and soil depletion.

The harvest - Dupré Goujon

Nourishing our soils

Our vegetation covers the soil between each of our rows, creating a sponge that absorbs water and CO2, thus providing the soil with the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the vine's ecosystem: plants, fungi and micro-organisms. Taking advantage of this system, the vines become more autonomous and less sensitive to the vagaries of the weather, thus reducing human intervention. Without this cover, the soil is exposed, dries out and loses its mineral and living richness.

Living wines from the terroir

Cultivated according to the principles of agroecology in a living soil and manipulated by us, our vines produce a fresh and lively wine, which transcribes the unique characteristics of its wine-growing terroir while retaining a great elegance.


Explanations with Sébastien Dupré